February 17th and 18th Master Re-Scheduling Notice

Below is the master list of games to be played this coming weekend, February 17 and 18. The attached master re-scheduling notice is five pages long and includes the complete list of games that are to be played in every division including the LISA Cup finals (all LISA Cup finals to be played at PISE), the Lower Island finals in the Provincial/Coastal B Cup (all B Cup finals to be hosted by the home team’s club) and league games.

Master Rescheduling Notice: Re-Scheduling Feb 17-18, 2018

These re-scheduling notices will be sent out from the LISA office on a weekly basis for the rest of the Lower Island season and will hopefully be distributed on the Monday or Tuesday of each week. However, if there are delays it might not be sent out until Wednesday as, in order to do the re-scheduling, results from games played the previous weekend need to be known – and if league or cup games were not played that needs to be known as well.

When LISA re-schedules one of your games for the upcoming weekend you play that game instead of the game listed on your original schedule. The game that was originally scheduled for that day then becomes an outstanding game.

Make sure you check the League Play section of the LISA website to confirm all the games you have played have been posted. Please note that games are identified by the date for which they are listed on your original schedule. So if you are checking for scores for outstanding games they will be posted alongside their original date not the date on which they were actually played.

In order to make up any outstanding league game “on your own time” (i.e. outside of the standard weekend time for which LISA schedules) both teams must agree upon the re-scheduling. One team can not schedule the game and try to force the other team into playing it then.

If you have made arrangements to make up an outstanding game then both teams need to inform LISA (through your score recorder or the district scheduler) as far in advance as possible. By doing so hopefully we will be able to avoid the double-booking of games such as when two teams agree to play an outstanding game, for example, on a Wednesday evening and then receive their weekly re-scheduling notice listing that game to be played that coming weekend.

If the weekly re-scheduling notice lists your game as one to be played “in advance” of the date for which it was originally scheduled your score will be posted alongside the date for which that game was originally scheduled, not the date on which you played that game. Please note that only LISA can re-schedule games to be played “in advance” of their original date. If two teams want to play a league game prior to the date for which it is listed on their schedule those teams must apply for and receive LISA approval in order to do so.

At this time of the season communication between teams, their opponents and their clubs is very important. Do not assume everybody will receive the re-scheduling notice that is emailed out every week. Teams should contact their opposition far enough in advance to confirm their games for each weekend.


The finals in the Lower Island playdowns for the Provincial/Coastal B Cup are scheduled for this weekend, February 17/18. The draw grids are posted on the LISA website. In the drop-down box for the COMPETITIONS tab, go to “Cups” and select “Provincial Cup – A, B and Coastal Cups.” Those draw grids will be updated with results after each weekend of play.

While the B Cup competition is under way teams will play their B Cup match instead of the league game that was originally scheduled for them that weekend. The league game will then become an outstanding game and can be made up by agreement of both teams involved.

There must be a winner in all B Cup matches

If the two teams are tied on goals at the end of regulation time the teams will play two equal halves of extra time as per the duration for their age division. From U13 up to and including U16 that is 2 x 10-minute halves. For U17 and U18 that is 2 x 15-minute halves. The full length of the extra time will be played no matter how many goals are scored during the two extra-time halves.

If the score is tied at the conclusion of the full extra time session the outcome of the match will be decided by kicks from the penalty spot, as per FIFA rules.

For all teams playing in Lower Island finals of the B Cup this weekend

All teams that represent the Lower Island in inter-district play MUST have and use the official BCSA photo ID cards for all inter-district matches – there are NO exceptions.

For U14-U18 teams your first inter-district match will be against the Upper Island the weekend of February 24/25. If you wait until you see if you win the Lower Island final (February 17/18) you will have very little time to get your photo ID cards made, and even less time if you run into any delays or problems. So you might want to start that process prior to your Lower Island final.

For U13 teams your first inter-district match will be against the Lower Mainland the weekend of April 14/15. So you will have more time but the sooner you get your ID cards made the better as that will be one less thing you will have to do in preparation.

If you are unfamiliar with the photo ID cards they are mandatory for every single player on your roster and all your team officials (coach, assistants, manager). In order to make the cards you will require a head-and-shoulders photo for every player and team official. These photo ID cards must be given to the referee prior to the start of every inter-district match. The officiating crew (referee and assistants) is suppose to check to make sure there is an ID card for every player and team official. And remember to get them back after the game as you will need them for your next match.

If you do not have your photo ID cards for your team – or even if just one player is missing a card – and you win that game you could end up losing it via a forfeit if your opponent submits a protest. Claiming you did not have enough time to get all your ID cards made will not be an acceptable defence.

To get your photo ID cards made or to find out more about the process to have them produced, contact your club registrar.

For all inter-district matches in the B Cup competition there is an official roster form that is to be used for your team list. That form can be downloaded from the Coastal Cup website:  http://bccoastalcup.com/   In the left-hand column click on FORMS & RULES and then click Team Roster Form 2018 XLS.

The winning teams in the Lower Island playdowns will play against the Upper Island winners the weekend of February 24/25. The U14, U16 and U18 Lower Island winners, for both boys and girls, will host the Upper Island reps.

The U15 and U17 Lower Island winners, for both boys and girls, will play away in the Upper Island.

If your team is going to be hosting an Upper Island team you need to have your field and start time booked as early as possible in the week leading up to your match. B Cup matches have priority over all other youth games. It is your responsibility to inform both LISA and your opposition.

To inform LISA email both the district scheduler ( ag9@telus.net ) and the LISA office ( admin@lowerislandsoccer.com ) .

Contact data for the Upper Island reps was emailed yesterday to all teams still alive in the Lower Island playdowns. You can also find information about the Upper Island teams and their draws on their website:  http://uisa.ca/

When in contact with your opponent remember to check on their uniform colours. If there is a similarity then it is the home team that must change.

Games with the Upper Island can not start before 12 noon or after 2 p.m. (unless both teams are in agreement). However, if you are hosting a Powell River team then your start time needs to accommodate their travel plans. Sometimes Powell River teams come down the night before and want to play in the morning and sometimes they make the trip in one day and therefore the start time needs to fit their travel schedule.

The winners of the matches between the Lower Island reps and the Upper Island reps (sometimes referred to as the “Island qualifiers”) will represent the Vancouver Island/Powell River region at their provincial tournaments in July. In addition these winners continue on with the Coastal B Cup playdowns advancing to the quarter-final rounds where they will play Lower Mainland teams. The quarter-finals of the Coastal B Cup are set for the weekend of April 14/15.

NEW THIS SEASON:  The losers of the Island qualifiers (known as the “Vancouver Island/Powell River runners-up”) will also continue on with the Coastal B Cup playdowns advancing to the quarter-final rounds April 14/15 where they will play Lower Mainland teams. If the Island runner-up wins the Coastal Cup final that team also qualifies for the provincial tournament as the “first place Coastal B Cup” team.

NOTE:  There will be NO Upper Island B Cup rep in Girls U13 and Boys U13. Therefore in the Girls U13 division and the Boys U13 division the winner of the Lower Island playdowns will win the “first place Vancouver Island/Powell River” berth for their provincial tournament in July. This “first place Vancouver Island/Powell River” team will continue on into the quarter-finals of the Coastal B Cup where it will play a Lower Mainland team.

In addition, in the Girls U13 division and the Boys U13 division the team that loses the Lower Island final is not eliminated from the Coastal B Cup. Since there will be no Upper Island U13 Girls or U13 Boys B Cup rep the loser of the Lower Island final will become the “Vancouver Island/Powell River runner-up” and continue on into the quarter-finals of the Coastal B Cup where it will play a Lower Mainland team. The “Vancouver Island/Powell River runner-up” can also qualify for the provincial tournament by winning the Coastal B Cup final.


All finals in the LISA Cup competition will take place this weekend at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE). The schedule for the finals was sent out to everyone earlier this month. PISE is located at 4371 Interurban Road in Saanich on the Camosun College Interurban campus. Parking within the PISE lot is free on weekends.

There must be a winner in all the LISA Cup finals. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time NO extra time (i.e. overtime) will be played. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time the winner of the match will be determined by kicks from the penalty spot according to FIFA rules.

Following each final both teams are to report to the LISA booth for the awards ceremony.

The designated home team is to supply the game ball. If there is a colour similarity in the uniforms of the two teams then it is the home team that must switch to an alternate kit.

Both teams must report the score to their score recorder. If the final was decided by a penalty shootout please include the tied score at the end of regulation plus the score of the shootout separately – do not add the penalty shootout goals to the goals scored during regulation play.


The rules for determining league champions are posted on the LISA website. In the drop-down box for the ABOUT tab go to “Rules” and click on “LISA Rules and Regulations.” (See Chapter 3, rule 303 Determining League Winners.)

The team that is declared the league champion is not always the team with the most points at the end of the league season. Because of field closures and league play being interrupted by cup competitions (Provincial/Coastal B Cup, LISA Cup) teams do not always play the same number of games against the same opponents. In addition the reason for outstanding games can vary. So when it comes to determining the league champions LISA applies the rules mentioned above.

As noted in the rules, league winners are determined by “completed rounds.” That is why the schedules are drawn up on a round-by-round basis – teams are scheduled to play all their opponents once (which constitutes a “round”) before they are scheduled to play any opponent a second time.

The first definition of a “completed round” is as expected:  all the games scheduled for that round have been played. LISA’s rules also define a “completed round” as one in which a team has mathematically clinched first place. In other words, no team could catch the first-place team even if they won all their un-played games in that round.

Continuing with the rules to determine a league champion, the first time two teams play each other it is their Round 1 game. The second time they play each other it is their Round 2 game, and so on. It does not matter where the game was played (i.e. which team was home or which team was visitor).

For instance, if two teams played each other during Round 1 as listed on their schedule, missed playing during Round 2 because the field was closed, and then played each other during the Round 3 dates on their schedule, in order to determine the league champion the result from the game played during Round 3 would officially be considered their Round 2 result.

Another part of the rule that sometimes has to be taken into consideration:  a team can be eliminated from winning the league title during a round that does not meet the definition of “complete.”

For instance, after two complete rounds the Maroon Team is in first place but during Round 3 the Maroon Team starts losing games. At the end of league play Round 3 can not be classified as “complete” as no team has mathematically clinched first place. However after losing Round 3 games the Maroons can no longer mathematically end up in first place. So even though the Maroons were in first place at the end of the last completed round they can not be declared the league champion as they had played themselves out of contention.

If in applying LISA’s rules for determining league champions two (or more) teams end up tied for first place they will play a tiebreaker match in cup format (i.e. extra time and a FIFA penalty shootout, if needed) with the winning team capturing the league title. No other tiebreakers (e.g. head-to-head, goal differential, winning percentage etc.)  are used to determine a league champion.

For more information see Chapter 3 on the Rules and Regulations page on the LISA website.

In Girls U13 & U14 Gold all league games on their original schedule have been played. There are no outstanding games. All other leagues still have league games yet to play. Some have passed the last date on their schedule but there are teams with outstanding league games to play.

The following teams have clinched their league titles based upon all the rounds/games listed on their schedules (“clinched” means these teams have earned enough points that no other team can catch them no matter what the outcome of all the un-played games on their schedule):

Boys U13 Gold – Prospect Lake/Peninsula (Nandhra)

Boys U13 Silver – Juan de Fuca (Polderman)

Boys U14 Silver – Prospect Lake (Aitchison)

Boys U15 Silver – Salt Spring (Shugar)

Boys U18/17 Silver – Prospect Lake/Peninsula (Coulson)

Girls U13 Gold – Bays United (Cunningham)

Girls U14 Gold – Cowichan Valley (Rowlings)

Girls U16 Gold – Juan de Fuca (Smith)

Girls U18/17 Gold – Bays United (Ryan)

Girls U18/17 Silver – Bays United (Buell)

As league play is still under way (except in Girls U13 & U14 Gold) only those teams that have “clinched” league championships are included in the above list. It does not matter how large a lead a team might have if they have not clinched first place then they can not be included in the above list.

All league champions will receive a trophy and medals. The teams and clubs will be informed when their awards are ready for pick up from the LISA office (probably sometime around February 20 or shortly thereafter).


The Vancouver Island champion is determined by the Island Invitational Cup which features the Lower Island Gold league champion vs. the Upper Island winner. The 54th edition of Island Cup, also known as the Tournament of Champions, will be hosted by the Upper Island district April 28/29 in Powell River.

The Vancouver Island Invitational Cup is not part of the Provincial/Coastal B Cup or associated with it in any way. It is a separate competition. The winner of the Island Cup does not advance to any other competition.

Please note that there will be Island Cup finals in both Girls U17 and Girls U18 as well as for both Boys U17 and Boys U18 so, even though U17 and U18 teams play in the same league and there will only be one league champion recognized, two teams – one U17 and one U18 – will represent the Lower Island in the Island Invitational Cup. One of those reps will be the U18/17 Gold league champion and the other will be the highest-finishing team (based upon LISA’s rules for determining league champions) in the other age group.

In the U13 division for both boys and girls the Island Invitational Cup will be 8 v 8 (not 11-a-side).

Gold league champions, Island Invitational Cup reps and the Lower Island B Cup reps are not eligible for the Lower Island District Cup.


Silver and Bronze league champions are promoted for the Lower Island District Cup competition. The Bronze league champion competes in the Silver District Cup and the Silver league champion competes in the Gold District Cup. This “promotion” is for the District Cup competition only; it does not mean that those teams are automatically promoted for league play the following season.


The District Cup is the final competitive program of the Lower Island season. It is not a league playoff. It is a single-elimination, random draw, cup competition for Lower Island teams that are not Lower Island representatives in an inter-district competition (e.g. B Cup, Island Invitational Cup). The winner of the District Cup does not advance to any other competition.

For the Lower Island District Cup Silver and Bronze league champions are promoted to a higher level of play. The Bronze league champion competes in the Silver District Cup and the Silver league champion competes in the Gold District Cup as those teams have, over the course of the season, proven themselves to be the best team in their league.

The Gold league champion is not eligible for the District Cup. The Gold league champion represents the Lower Island in the Island Invitational Cup and will play against the Upper Island rep for the Island championship.

The start date for the District Cup playdowns depends upon the number of teams in each draw. If there are more than eight teams entered in a draw they will start their playdowns the weekend of  February 24/25. Draws with five to eight teams entered will start with the quarter-final round March 3/4. The semi-finals (and draws with three or four teams) will take place March 10/11.

All District Cup finals will be hosted by the Sooke Soccer Association the weekend of April 7/8.

When teams lose in the District Cup playdowns they are eliminated from the competition and LISA stops scheduling for them. In other words, their 2017/18 Lower Island season is over. Once their District Cup play begins a team can no long make up any outstanding league games – no matter how many outstanding games that team might have.

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