U13 Girls Lakehill/Gorge

This week’s Footballers of the Week are a mixture of Lakehill and Gorge kids at the U13 girls gold division nominated by the LISA Office.

The U13 Girls Gold team was cobbled together by the two clubs from a pretty small group of kids – so small, that they have had to add four U12 age players to make a go of it! The group showed potential early, but struggled a bit to find their form as they got used to playing with new players, new teammates, full field, permitted players almost every week, and even a new identity. It took them awhile to come up with a team name (sun burnt penguins anyone?) but they settled on “United” as an homage to the fact that they were two clubs becoming one, and once they agreed on it, they set about proving it to be true. They are now truly one team, and listening to them cheer before a game will put a smile on your face – no one beats them at the cheer!

They have fun together on and off the field, and they play a nice game of soccer too. This team was nominated before they played their semi-final B cup game this past weekend and what a great selection because they won and have now secured that their season will continue into April with Coastal Cup.

Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, the Lakehill president and parent on the team was more than willing to give the LISA office his perspective on the team.  Jeremy said “it is a privilege and pleasure to get to be associated with them.”  He might have also added something about not letting this post go to their heads and he’s looking forward to the rest of the season with this team whose hard work is now paying off on Saturday mornings.

Congratulations on being this week’s Footballers of the Week!