Update – Poppy White

In the summer we brought you the news that Poppy White’s Cowichan soccer family had set up a Go-Fund-Me-Page to support the player whose family we all know and love because she was diagnosed with leukemia. Here are some amazing photos and an update recently sent in that we thought you would all want to see.  Sending the White’s strength and thanks for the reminder to hug our children tighter tonight.

We are an avid soccer family from Cowichan with 6 girls that play soccer. One of girls Emerald played for VI Wave for a few years. Our daughter Poppy was planning on trying out for Wave this year but last summer was diagnosed with leukemia.  She is in the thick of chemo at Children’s Hospital right now. So our goal now is just to get her better to play soccer again.  We have had such amazing support from our soccer community.

Poppy turned 11 one week after being admitted to hospital for cancer this summer. She lived and breathed soccer. We have been so blessed to have so much support from some amazing soccer players! Many of her team mates did a lemonade stand for her and raised money. Our soccer family in Cowichan came out in the masses to support us at many different fundraisers.

For her birthday in July she got tickets to the women’s game in November against USA. She had been looking forward to it this whole time and as time approached it was looking like her treatment would keep her from attending. At the final moment her doctors gave her the ok and she got to go and meet some of the players and hang out on the field! Thank you Canada Soccer!

Poppy has also had a lot of support from an island native that played for Canada, Emily Zurrer. She actually came to visit Poppy in hospital and brought her a jersey signed by some incredible players such as Karina LeBlanc and Melissa Tancredi.  Emily has been an encouraging inspiration to Poppy this journey and motivates her to get back out on the field.

Poppy has a long road ahead but we are hopeful she can get back out to where she loves to be! Scoring goals:)