On-line youth to youth permit form

Youth to youth on-line permit form open for business.

When an authorized club rep completes the online permit form it is immediately submitted to the LISA Office.

At the same time as the LISA office receiving a copy, the authorized club rep receives a copy of the permit via email. The authorized club rep may then forward the authorized permit to the necessary coach and/or manager.

Similar to the paper permit process the team must still print and give the game official and opposing team a copy of each permit before the start of the game.

Both the paper permit and the online permit process are valid ways for clubs to submit permits.

Please know the Permitting Rules (see Chapter 7 of Rules and Regulations) and play within them.

Speak to your club rep if you are in need of a permit player.
Authorized club reps for online permits:

Bays United – John Bentley, Darryl Hooker, Randy Jones, Toby Vallance
Cowichan Valley – Laurie Banasch
Gorge – Lisa Zawacki
Juan de Fuca – Kevin Allen or Gord Johnson
Lakehill – Joshua Hart, Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell, or David Anderson
Peninsula – Mike Synnuck
Prospect Lake – Ben Hooks
Saanich Fusion – Nicole Blanchard
Salt Spring Island – Maggie Montague
Sooke – Laura Lockhart, Rob Oyler, Scott Linell, Corey Stratton, Paul Clarkston, Marc De Melo or Glyse Clarkston.