Selina Ross – Campbell River Outlaws

The Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association is proud to nominate Selina Ross of the Campbell River Outlaws (Premier Division).

Selina Ross is one of the most dedicated, diligent, dynamic, and determined woman representing soccer on the island today. Selina grew up in the Comox Valley and started her competitive soccer career playing for the Nanaimo Metro team through high school. She continued her career playing for VIU (Malaspina) and Premier soccer in Nanaimo while attending college. She then moved down island to Victoria and played with the Victoria Stars before returning back to the North Island where she began to really make a huge change in the women’s soccer community.

Since 2008 Selina has managed multiple soccer teams and played a huge organizational piece by volunteering for multiple positions on the MIWSL board. Selina managed schedules, websites, field times, and one of the local women’s teams; all while working as a nurse and raising children. Selina took the Campbell River women’s Outlaw team to a new level. She saw the potential to make a very competitive team by recruiting new players and pushing them to go as far as they could during the provincial cup run. With Selina’s management and adding in completive matches with teams from the lower island, the Campbell River Outlaws made it to the Provincial B Finals and won the cup. This was only the beginning for this team, as Selina saw even more potential for not only the team but for the community as a whole. Selina knew it was time to put a competitive team in to play in the LIWSL and to build a team where young women in Campbell River can train and play at a higher level than they ever had before.

Selina Ross is not only a fantastic soccer player but her management, organization skills, and perseverance has changed the women’s soccer community in the North Island for the better and has created opportunities for our younger women to continue playing high level soccer.

The Premier Campbell River Outlaws are scheduled to play Lakehill on Sunday November 26th @ 2:00 pm at Braefoot Turf, come and check out the game!