Footballers of the Week – LIWSA Fernwood City Div 2

Women’s Div 2  – FERNWOOD CITY

The Lower Island Women’s Soccer Association is proud to put forth the Division 2 Fernwood City team as Footballer of the Week.  This team of female players exemplifies the spirit of team work, sportsmanship and skill within the lower island women’s league.  The team entered in Division 3 a couple of years ago, moving up in the ranks to win both the division title and most sportsmanlike team in the 2016-2017 season.

The creation of Fernwood City women’s team was a difficult task that began as far back as 2010 by James Haid and Dan Bonab of the Fernwood Football Association.  In spite of the support from the club, the dream of creating the first Fernwood women’s team was not to happen until the 2015-2016 season.  With Katie Hinz’s request to form a new team and the club’s decision to give it another go, James began spreading the word by organizing an all-women’s pick-up game to try and find players before the preseason. It was from this pick-up game James was able to find a few core players that helped establish the team going into their first tryouts.  These players participated in the selection of teammates based on chemistry and as a result, James has been honoured with a great group of players to coach. This year’s roster includes:  Amy-Marie, Courtney, Emma, Jadyn, Jayde, Kaitlyn, Katrina, Kayla, Kelly, Kristy, Marie Michelle, Marisa, Maxine, Megan, Rachel, Rosemary, Samantha, and Simone.

This season they have implemented a new initiative to honour the most valuable player for each game, by sporting an MVP retro jacket.  Coach James Haid proudly announces via their Fernwood Football Facebook page, each and every MVP.  Check it out!  

Congratulations  Fernwood City Div 2 on being nominated Footballer of the Week!