Footballer of the Week – Colin Walde

Colin Walde
Salt Spring Island

This week’s Footballer of the Week was selected by the VISL but agreed to by everyone.

Colin is a life-long Salt Springer, born and raised – playing soccer since he was 5 years old, when fields were really a challenge to come by!

He joined the Men’s team when he was 17, and started to manage the team when he was around 20 years old.

Since that time, Colin has been involved in the Salt Spring Challenge Cup, has been the Salt Spring President and coached too many kid’s teams to name. With only 1 kid at home now that he is coaching, Colin is thinking he might get some time for himself to play again!

Colin was able to take the reins and get Salt Spring back into the VISL this year after the team decided to take a year off last year. The team has started back in Division 4 and is enjoying some success; currently undefeated and earning max points from their first 4 games.

It appears that Salt Spring is back on the map with the VISL. Should they keep having a successful year, promotion to the 3rd Division appears to be imminent.  Colin also hopes to add a Masters team for next year too.

The team is doing well, but as a League VISL appreciate the effort Colin has put in and find it easy to work with him as the go-to-guy.

It is obviously a thankless job at times, but needs to be done.

Welcome back, congrats on being our selection as the Footballer of the Week, and hopefully we have not put a jinx on the squad now!