Footballer of the Week – Alice Paveley

Salt Spring United Division 3 – Alice Paveley

Alice started playing soccer when she moved to Canada 15 years ago, and has always played for Salt Spring United.  She has also played Spring and Fall 7vs7 in Nanaimo.  She started off playing midfield and left wing until her last year of High School, where she was called up on to take the role of sweeper, that’s when she jumped into the defensive line.

Most of her favourite past times involve soccer.  It is have for her to pinpoint one favourite memory…..Provincials in High School is amongst one of her favourite memories, great team bonding on the mini bus, everyone playing to the best of their abilities and being so in sync after years of playing together.

Alice is proud of joining a great group of ladies on the pitch, week after week, where they pick each other up, build each other’s’ confidence, learn from their mistakes and drive each other to be more competitive to fuel each other for the win.  She feels ever so lucky to be surrounded by a community that loves the game just as much as she does.

On behalf of LIWSA, we are proud to put forth your nomination for Footballer of the Week!  Congratulations!