Footballer of the Week – John Charlton

John Charlton

Pictured left with BC Soccer President Kjeld Brodsgaard

In May of 2008, John Charlton was elected to the Board of Directors of the Lower Island Soccer Association (LISA). He took on the role as Director of Risk Management. In the 9 years he held the position LISA has benefitted due to John’s work that included:

  • Developed an ‘Enhanced Risk Management Plan’ including the foundation for the current CRC system.
  • Provided input to the BC Soccer for the amendments to Rule 21 regarding CRC’s.
  • Written safety and security guidelines for travelling teams, especially international travel.
  • Written and amended policy of risk management issues, e.g. conflict resolution, harassment and bullying.
  • Assisted Club Presidents and Club Risk Managers on several confidential and controversial risk management issues
  • Attended many District and Club tournaments in general support and presenting trophies and awards.
  • Attended workshops on Conflict Resolution, Ethical Decision Making, and Bullying, Abuse of Authority and Human Rights
  • Served 2 years on the BC Soccer Risk Management Committee as a Community Member

In June of 2017 John Charlton was elected to the BC Soccer Board of Directors. John will definitely be missed at the LISA board table but will be very much appreciated when he arrives with his BC Soccer hat on at the next LISA/LIWSA/VISL event.

Congratulations John Charlton on being selected this week’s footballer of the week!