Footballer of the Week – Kaitlyn Chojnacki

Kaitlyn Chojnacki
Coach and Player

What makes a good athlete? Dedication?  Love for the game? Teamwork? Well this week’s Footballer of the Week, Kaitlyn Chojnacki goes beyond that.  Kaitlyn had been a member of Lakehill before becoming a member of the VI Wave 99 Girls team 18 months ago. She is a valued member of the Wave team and is known to never let her team down, as an all rounded player that is always there for her teammates when they need her. Playing the highest level of soccer in Victoria wasn’t quite enough for Kaitlyn, for the past three years Kaitlyn has dedicated her spare time to coaching at Lakehill, currently as the assistant coach for the Girls Gold U12 Lakehill team.  Many of our coaches decide to invest their time and knowledge when they become parents and decided to coach their child but for Kaitlyn, she has no other connection to them other than willingness to volunteer, and for the past three years she has done just that! She is “an absolute role model to youth soccer players” says co-coach and Lakehill President Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell .

This past week Kaitlyn had the unfortunate event which many of us try and avoid, she had to get her wisdom teeth out. Unlike most of us who curl up on the couch with ice packs attached to our face and a pint of ice-cream nearby, Kaitlyn was out and about in the cold gloomy Victoria rain. She coached two games as well as stood on the side lines of her sister’s game to support her, if that does not show dedication and love for the game what does?! Kaitlyn not only inhibits these valuable traits but also is an example of soccer for life, inspiration and so much more.  Thank you Kaitlyn for all that you do for the sport and the development of youth athletes.

We aren’t alone in recognizing Kaitlyn, last season she was the recipient of Lakehill’s Ian Grant Inspirational Coach Award.   And on March 3rd, 2017 she signed with UNBC Timberwolves! We can’t wait to continue to watch your success in the coming years.