Spectators Area and Technical Area

As cup play approaches please remember wherever physically possible, to adhere to the FIFA and BC Soccer rule that team benches should be on the same side AND spectators should be placed on the opposite side.  As not all parks physically allow for this it is expected spectators will maintain a distance of 20 metres to the benches if they are on the same side.
Please also remember, wherever possible to create and always respect the technical area for team officials.
FIFA guidelines on technical areas:
  • Technical area extends one metre on either side of the designated seated area and extends forward up to a distance of one metre from the touchline
  • Only one person at a time is authorised to convey tactical instructions from the technical area
  • The coach and other officials must remain within its confines except in special circumstances, eg. a physiotherapist or doctor entering the field of play, with the referee’s permission, to assess an injured player
  • The coach and other occupants of the technical area must behave in a responsible manner

Source: www.bbc.com/football