Footballer of the Week – Al Moir

Al Moir
BC Soccer Referee Development Officer & Assessor
Lakehill Head Referee and Field Coordinator

BC Soccer Referee Development Officer and Assessor Al Moir is this week’s Footballer of the Week.

Al is not only involved in the development of BC’s referees but is also Lakehill’s Head Referee and Field Coordinator.  He is a friend to all!  He is a friend to BCSPL (and Metro before that) with field and referee scheduling assistance.   He is a friend to LISA with referee mentorship whether it be for League, Cup Games or Festivals and he is just a great person to know when you need an objective opinion.  LIWSA and VISL also have nothing but great things to say about this gentleman with a whistle.

Now what would we do without Al?  As Lakehill President Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell says, “I live in fear of the day Al says he is going to retire! Words cannot do justice to how much effort he puts into refereeing, teaching, mentoring, and assessing. Our referee program is strong, vibrant and growing and it is all because of Al. His contribution to Lakehill and to Lower Island Soccer is immeasurable!”

Those of us in the know love to see Al at a field with a notepad in hand knowing he is mentoring or assessing an official, young or old, so they can achieve their referee goals.  Colleagues say, “It’s because of people like him that the standard of refereeing in Victoria is continually improving.  His position with BC Soccer helps strengthen our refereeing community.”

Al Moir is one of a kind and we hope the Victoria community joins us in recognizing the contributions Al makes to the local game, we hope to have him for years and years and years to come!