Recently circulated information on player equipment.  Want to know if you are permitted to wear a medic alert, jewelry, knee braces, jersey without sleeves?  Check the Canadian Soccer Association Memo below:



BC Soccer Referee Clinics / Fitness Schedule & Registration Check regularly for updates for Provincial to Youth Classification clinics


Referee mentor program makes the news:


BCSA Referee Rules & Regulations

The British Columbia Soccer Association’s Referee Development Program is currently working to update the referee’s portion of this website to have accurate and up-to-date information; this is a working process and we will update as items and timeframes are confirmed.

Please check back with us on a regular basis as we are continually updating this information.

FIFA Laws of the game

Super Y League USL Link for Officials

Referee Online Match and Discipline Reporting located on TAB (left of web page) – Referee Online Game – Discipline Report


 VISRAThe Vancouver Island Soccer Referee Association official web site.

Fans who scream at officials are hurting young people who work as referees for minor sports across Canada, and are being blamed for a shortage of soccer referees. Read more

NEW  We as an association, have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abuse of the officials, therefore if you would like to provide your opinion of the referee we ask you to wait until the game is over and use the form on our website to notify us of your dissatisfaction or satisfaction.  You do not need to know the name of the referee to use the form.

We hope that in deciding to use the feedback form you will use it to tell us both the positive and negative experiences you have had.  LISA does not schedule the referees but we will work with the head referee schedulers of each club to share the information we receive to assist in assigning the most appropriate ref for each game and mentor any referees that might need assistance.

Remember, there would be no game if we didn’t have referees so let’s keep them in the game!  LISA Referee Feedback Form (click here)