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A message from the Lower Island Soccer Association’s President Tim Satterford
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Spectators Area and Technical Area

As cup play approaches please remember wherever physically possible, to adhere to the FIFA and BC Soccer rule that team benches should be on the same side AND spectators should be placed on the opposite side.  As not all parks physically allow for this it is expected spectators will maintain a distance of 20 metres to the benches if they are on the same side.
Please also remember, wherever possible to create and always respect the technical area for team officials.
FIFA guidelines on technical areas
  • Technical area extends one metre on either side of the designated seated area and extends forward up to a distance of one metre from the touchline
  • Only one person at a time is authorised to convey tactical instructions from the technical area
  • The coach and other officials must remain within its confines except in special circumstances, eg. a physiotherapist or doctor entering the field of play, with the referee’s permission, to assess an injured player
  • The coach and other occupants of the technical area must behave in a responsible mannerSource:

Schedules for 2016/2017
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BOYS Gold     Schedules and Standings
GOLD SCHEDULING NOTICE (went out with schedule)
Schedules     2016/2017 Season  Standings
Boys U17/U18 Gold Schedule Standings
Boys U16 Gold Schedule Standings
Boys U15 Gold Schedule Standings
Boys U14 Gold Schedule Standings
Boys U13 Gold Schedule Standings
Boys Silver   Seeding Schedules
Boys U17/U18 Silver Schedule * see Dec 3/4 Standings
Boys U16 Silver Schedule Standings
Boys U15 Silver Schedule Standings
Boys U14 Silver Schedule Standings
Boys U13 Silver Schedule * see Dec 3/4 below Standings
Boys Bronze Schedules and Standings
Boys Bronze U14 Schedule * see Dec 3/4 below Standings

*Rescheduling December 3rd and 4th

LISA Cup Notice
LISA Cup Round One Schedule

LISA Cup Round One Final Results
LISA Cup Round Two and ReScheduling Nov 19/20 if necessary
LISA Cup Round Two Results


Girls Gold     Schedules and Standings
GOLD   SCHEDULING NOTICE  (went out with schedule)
Schedules     2016/2017 Season  Standings
Girls Gold U17/U18 Schedule Standings
Girls Gold U16 Schedule Standings
Girls Gold U15 Schedule Standings
Girls Gold U14 Schedule Standings
Girls Gold U13 Schedule Standings
Girls     Silver Schedules and Standings
Girls  Silver U18/U17 Schedule Standings
Girls  Silver U16 Schedule Standings
Girls  Silver U15 Schedule Standings
Girls  Silver U14 Schedule Standings
Girls  Silver U13 Schedule Standings


DETERMINING PLACINGS IN LEAGUE TABLES:  All victories, no matter what the score, are worth three points. There are no bonus points for goals scored.

Lower Island Soccer Association does not use any form of goal differential, goal ratio, goals scored or goals allowed as a tiebreaker in determining placings in league tables, including which team is the league champion. At the end of the season if LISA determines that there is a tie on points for first place (based upon games that will count in the final standings) there is no tiebreaking formula employed. The two teams will play each other for the league title.

FIELD CLOSURES:  If you are unable to play your scheduled game due to field closures, please advise your score recorder and attempt to reschedule the game.  You must advise your score recorder, LISA scheduler ( and your club schedulers (i.e. field, referee) of any changes to the original schedule

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